Hardwood floor squeaking is a common problem that can occur in homes with hardwood floors. The noise is caused by the boards rubbing against each other, and it’s a sign that the floors may be shifting or coming apart. In some cases, the noise can be extremely loud and irritating, making it difficult to enjoy your home.

So how to fix squeaky your hardwood floors? Read more as we’ll get into the details of the matter in today’s post.


What Are The Causes Of Squeaky Hardwood Floors

Squeaky hardwood floors are an annoyance for many homeowners. While it is not always a major issue, it can be annoying and embarrassing when guests come over. The main causes of squeaking hardwood floors are usually related to the wear and tear on the boards, improper installation, moisture damage, heavy traffic, and lack of lubrication.

To be specific, wear and tear on hardwood floors is the main cause of squeaking. Over time, the boards of the flooring can start to rub against each other due to foot traffic, furniture movement and even seasonal temperature changes. As this happens, small gaps form between the boards that produce a high-pitched squeaking noise when walked on.

On the other hand, improper installation of a hardwood flooring can cause it to squeak when walked on because the planks may not be properly secured. When there is movement between the floors and the subfloor, it causes friction which causes the floor to squeak. Other common issues that cause hardwood floors to squeak include gaps in between boards, nails not properly secured, or supported joists that have become too weak over time.

Additionally, hardwood floors can become squeaky due to moisture damage. Moisture, when absorbed into the wood, expands it and causes the surrounding floorboards to push up against each other and create a squeak. This is especially common in older homes with inadequate moisture protection, such as a lack of vapor barrier under a subfloor or insufficient sealant atop hardwood planks. Ultimately, if the floors are allowed to stay wet for extended periods of time, they may begin to rot or warp which can lead to costly repairs that involve replacing affected boards entirely.

Heavy traffic can also cause hardwood floors to become squeaky due to the intense weight and pressure placed on them during walking or running. This creates a kind of friction between the wood planks, where they rub against each other, creating squeaky noises when stepped on. The more pressure that is placed on the flooring, like from furniture being moved around, can also cause the floors to become squeaky.

And the lack of lubrication can result in squeaky floors due to the floorboards rubbing together. Without adequate lubrication, the wood fibers rub together, creating friction and vibration which produces a squeaking noise. Over time, these boards may also start pulling away from each other more as they continue to rub without adequate lubrication, leading to further damage and more noises coming from underneath the flooring.

The Common Methods Of Repairing Squeaky Floors

To fix squeaky hardwood floors, it is important to first identify the source of the noise. If you can locate exactly where the floor creaks when weight is applied, you will have an easier time finding a solution. To silence a squeak caused by loose nails, use a hammer to gently drive the nails back into place. The squeak should stop immediately after doing so.

If the noise is coming from two boards rubbing together, you can use construction adhesive to keep them firmly in place and to reduce or eliminate the squeak. To do this, apply a thin layer of construction adhesive between both boards and press down firmly until it dries.

Finally, a squeaky hardwood floor can be caused by the wood drying out over time and shrinking. To fix this, try applying a few coats of wax or polisher to the area where the floors are making noise. This will help lubricate them and reduce the friction that causes squeaks. If these solutions don’t work, you may need to hire a professional flooring contractor to make the necessary repairs.

The above steps can help fix squeaky hardwood floors and help keep them quiet for years to come. Remember, if any of these methods don’t provide a solution, it is best to consult a professional flooring contractor for assistance.

Why A Professional To Fix Your Hardwood Floor Problem

When faced with the problem of squeaky hardwood floors, many homeowners may feel tempted to take on the job themselves and try to fix it. However, this is often not a wise choice as there are several potential risks associated with attempting such a task without proper experience or knowledge.

For starters, hardwood flooring repair requires specialized tools and equipment that the average homeowner may not have access to. Additionally, without experience, it can be difficult to identify what is causing the squeaks in the first place and how best to go about addressing them.

For these reasons, it is generally best to call a professional who has experience with hardwood floor repair rather than attempting the job yourself. A professional will be able to diagnose the problem and make necessary repairs while also recommending preventative measures to avoid squeaky floors in the future.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Contractor

When searching for a professional contractor to repair squeaky hardwood floors, it is important to consider factors such as experience, reliability, and cost. It is also essential to make sure the contractor is licensed and insured, so that if anything does not go according to plan during the repair process, your property will be covered.

Experience is the most important factor to consider when looking for a contractor to repair squeaky floors. Make sure the individual you hire has extensive experience in hardwood flooring repair and can provide examples of previous work upon request.

Finally, it is always smart to get multiple bids from different contractors before making a final decision on who to hire. This will allow you to compare prices, as well as the quality and experience of each contractor, making it easier to find a reputable professional who can fix squeaky hardwood floors quickly and efficiently.