Hardwood Flooring

California Flooring And Design is San Diego’s largest hardwood supplier!

Why California Flooring & Design

Here at California Flooring & Design, we know that purchasing a hardwood floor is a big investment, and one that can add a lot of value, functionality and style to your home. CFD installs a large variety of wood floor products, we take our commitment to you and your home seriously and guaranty our work. Request an appointment today with an CFD Representative to help you select the right flooring for your home and lifestyle.

Hardwood Flooring Selection

Our wide selection means that the hardest part about shopping with us will be deciding which option you like best. Our experienced staff will help you decide on the right floor for you and your home.

With us you will get the finest selection of top quality hardwoods to choose from. This includes a full selection of all the major national and international brand names. Unique and exotic wood species including Brazilian Cherry, Merbau, Walnut and more.

There are new eco-friendly alternatives to hardwood flooring, such as cork and bamboo. So many hardwood species, color ranges, and gloss levels to pick from, you can trust CFD to meet all of your wood flooring needs.

Below are some insight into the different types of wood flooring to choose.

Allwood Hardwood

  • Antiqua Collection
  • Galaxy Collection
  • Fineline Collection
  • Bistro Collection

Amazon Wood Floors

Where Nature Meets Luxury

  • Modani Series Collection
  • Vila Do Conde Collection
  • Stile Collection
  • Green Diamond Collection
  • Chaco Collection
  • Rome Collection

Ark Floors

  • Artistic Collection
  • Elegant Exotic Collection
  • French Collection
  • Sonoma Collection
  • Estate Collection
  • Estate Villa Collection
  • Wild Coast Collection

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