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Hardwood flooring adds charm to any home, providing both visual appeal and durability. Solid wood is far more appealing than materials such as concrete slabs. Unfortunately, hardwood flooring also requires more maintenance. 

Many homeowners struggle with issues like sunlight, humidity, and dramatic temperature changes. Unfortunately, summer magnifies these issues and quickly diminishes that beautiful rustic look. 


Protecting Solid Wood from Sun Damage

Soaking up the sun during a warm summer day with a cool drink in your hand is a treat. However, the sun’s ultraviolet rays like to bleach and zap the color from materials like wood while also turning it brittle.

While this bleaching process doesn’t occur overnight, it still happens little by little. Certain color variations like darker wood remain especially vulnerable, and replacing or fixing sun-bleached hardwood flooring costs a fortune for many homeowners. 

Floor protection ways from ultraviolet rays include: 

  • Installing sunlight-filtering curtains or lowering your blinds during hot peak hours. 
  • Get your hardwood flooring treated professionally to reduce sun damage (wax, varnish, and sealant solutions). 
  • Regularly schedule hardwood floor maintenance sessions


Combating Temperature Changes

Temperatures may dramatically spike in California during the summer season. These temperature spikes contract and expand many wood species, creating warps, squeaks, loose material, and splits. 

Homeowners should combat temperature changes by keeping their homes moderately cool throughout the year. Insulated and well-sealed floors also help prevent heat and cold-related damage. 


Fighting Against Humidity

Humidity is a significant discomfort source for many residents. Besides increasing overall discomfort, humidity rots and warps wood even quicker than temperature spikes. 

The first way to fight against humidity is to eliminate moisture. Humidity thrives when water is present; if your hardwood flooring gets wet, quickly dry them. When cleaning, avoid heavy-duty items like really wet mops or steam mops. 

Excellent ventilation, dehumidifiers, and a powerful and well-maintained HVAC system further combat humidity. Keep every type of hardwood flooring treated and sealed as well. 


Eliminating Summer Grime 

Summertime means lots of fun, including trips to the beach, hiking, camping, and plenty of other adventures outside. However, these activities bring in grime like dirt and sand; even the most diligent homeowner deals with this problem. 

Summer grime harms your hardwood flooring’s varnish and wax, paving the way for sunlight and humidity damage. Additionally, summer grime sometimes creates a breeding ground for fungi. 

Along with ensuring all family members and guests take off their footwear before entering the home and regularly sweeping your floors, give our team a call. We provide both cleaning and restoration hardwood flooring services. 


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