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Carpet flooring provides comfort unparalleled by other materials. Besides feeling cozy on your feet, carpet decorates your favorite spaces, like your bedroom and living room. Although eliminating stains is sometimes a hassle, carpet is also very resilient. 

Choosing the correct type of carpet—both in visual appeal and functionality—is challenging for many shoppers. Luckily, this guide will provide additional insight. 

The Advantages of Carpet

Some of the advantages of carpets include: 

  • Adds visual appeal — Besides fully installing carpet flooring, add an area rug to indoor and outdoor spaces in a variety of colors and designs
  • Adds a degree of comfort — Carpet is excellent at absorbing both the heat and the cold and acts as robust insulation. 
  • Adds a layer of safety — Slipping or falling on a carpet is far less dangerous than falling on a hard surface like wood. 
  • Affordable — Carpet flooring is typically more affordable than materials like ceramic tiles or wood planks. 

Understanding the Different Types of Carpet

When searching “Carpet flooring near me,” you might come across two terms: carpet piles and fibers.

Carpet Piles

Carpet piles refer to fiber loops linked together. There are two main types of carpet piles: loop and cut pile, with the main difference being how yarns are treated during manufacturing. 

  • Loop pile carpets: In loop pile carpets, yarn remains intact, and you can purchase this pile type in different loop levels. The main advantage of loop pile carpets is their resiliency, making them perfect for areas with a lot of foot traffic. 
  • Cut pile carpets: In cut pile carpets, the tops of yarn loops get cut off at various angles, heights, and thicknesses. Although less durable than loop pile carpets, cut pile carpets remain the more popular choice. 

Carpet Fibers 

Two main categories exist for carpet fibers: natural and synthetic. Natural fibers have provided warmth and comfort for centuries and are an excellent choice for a more natural look. 

Today, however, wool is the only natural carpet fiber that exists. Unfortunately, while it is durable and brings a certain luxurious feeling unmatched by synthetic fibers, wool is more expensive. Therefore, people also opt for a synthetic wool blended carpet to save money. 

Synthetic fibers are both cheaper and more resilient than natural fibers. Additionally, more options exist with synthetic fibers, including: 

  • Nylon — Nylon has excellent resistance with a lifespan of 15 years with the proper maintenance. Heavy-traffic areas benefit from using nylon. 
  • Polyester — Polyester is excellent at repelling liquid and is a great choice for colorful options. However, polyester isn’t the best for heavy-traffic areas.
  • Olefin — Olefin has top-notch water damage resistance and is a favorite for bathroom spaces. 

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