Do you want to know how to maintain your laminate floors and keep them in their best condition?

While laminate floors may appear to be the same as hardwood floors, they should not be cleaned in the same manner. Laminate floors require special care because, contrary to hardwood, laminate surfaces cannot simply be refinished if stains or damage occur. To avoid costly replacements, it’s critical to maintain and care for your floors. Here are the best ways to clean laminate floors like a pro, whether you’re taking care of new laminate flooring or simply want your existing floor to look as beautiful as the day it was fitted.

1. Carefully read the maintenance instructions included with your flooring materials.

Consult the manufacturer’s instructions before you begin cleaning. Depending on the materials used, the manufacturer may make specific suggestions. On their websites, most companies provide tailored product tips and directions for taking care of laminate floors.

2. Don’t leave stains on the surface.

Spills should be dealt with as they occur. Wiping up spills immediately is the most effective way to prevent discoloration. Because liquids can easily damage laminate flooring, it is critical to limit any contact with them.

3. Don’t use aggressive cleaning tools.

Avoid using any abrasive materials on laminate floors because they can scratch them. To sweep up debris, a soft-bristled broom or even a dust mop would be best. When vacuuming, avoid using attachments such as a beater bar or spinning brush, as these can damage the material of the floor.

4. Mop the surface every couple of months.

Mop the floor about every 60 days to keep up the appearance.  Damp mops are safe to be used, but if you’re planning on using a standard mop, squeeze it out so that it’s nearly dry.

5. Don’t overdo it with the water.

The standard mopping method is not recommended for laminate floors because it allows liquid to drain into the cracks and lead to damage. Water pools will almost always lead to discoloration and fading.

6. Avoid cleaning solutions that aren’t marked as laminate-safe.

Oil-based cleaning solutions can end up leaving streaks and residue on the floors, as well as damage the protective sealant. If you must use laminate cleaner, use it sparingly and with a mop or non-abrasive cloth instead of directly on the floor. On laminate floors, do not use wax or polish.

7. Think about making your own laminate floor cleaner.

You can create your own surface cleaner right in your own home. Two teaspoons of fragrance-free dish soap and two gallons of heated water are all you need for a regular cleaning. If your floor has a slight film or waxy buildup, combine two gallons of hot water with two cups of vinegar. Vinegar is a safe and natural cleaning product, and it will dissolve the residue without damaging the floor.

8. Keep the surface safe from further damage.

Add furniture pads underneath the legs of your furniture to avoid potential scratches, especially if the furniture is moved frequently. Floor mats and rugs, particularly near entrances, will also help to avoid wear and tear.

9. Don’t forget to place a welcome mat.

Dirt brought in from outdoors not only makes your floor look dirty, but it can also damage it. Grit from a muddy shoe bottom, for example, can be one of your laminate floor’s worst enemies.  Stop the pesky dirt with a door mat that allows visitors to wipe their shoes clean.