The Holidays Are Coming! Quick Remodel Tips for Your Home Before the Holiday Season

In a perfect world, the holidays would be a stress-free time to spend with your family and friends.  In reality, getting your home ready for the holidays can be stressful and overwhelming.  By the time you’re done, you may not even feel like spending time with your relatives.  If you’re hosting a holiday get together, these tips can help you get ready without making yourself crazy.

  1. Make A Grand Entrance

For your guests, the holidays can be stressful as well.  You can make them feel welcome with a decorated front door and entryway.  It can be as simple as adding a wreath to your front door and a few lights to your entryway.  You can make a wreath yourself with pinecones, acorns and holly berries, or just buy one.

  1. Focus on the Main Spaces

You don’t have to clean every corner of your home.  Just focus on the spaces your guests will see.  As long as your entryway, kitchen, living room and bathrooms are clean, your clutter can hide away behind closed doors.

  1. Deck the Halls!

Just like the song says, your hallway can be a great place to add a touch of greenery.   Even just a small Christmas tree from the dollar store can be just the touch you need.

  1. Scents Matter 

If you’re cooking holiday food, the smell of cooking food will fill your home.  The rest of the time, a holiday-scented candle or oil diffuser will do the trick.

  1. Set the Table

The holidays are definitely the time to use your best dishes.  Adding a few touches like sprigs of holly or colorful napkins can make your table rival Martha Stewart’s.

  1. Put your Christmas Cards on Display

Displaying your Christmas cards puts everyone in the holiday mood.  You can just use a piece of fishing line and a couple of nails.

  1. Your Appliances Need Attention

If you’ll be cooking a holiday feast, you’ll probably have plenty of extra hands in the kitchen.  Make a good impression by sprucing up your oven and refrigerator ahead of time.

  1. Get Ready for Overnight Guests

Staying overnight in someone else’s home can be uncomfortable; be sure to give them a tidy guest room with the clean towels, toiletries, blankets and pillows they need.  When your guests have a private space to call their own, it’s easier on them and you.

  1. Clean the Floors

It seems like a small thing, but giving your floor a once over with a vacuum cleaner or mop helps keep everything looking neat.

  1. Involve All of Your Senses

With these tips, you’ll have the senses of sight and smell covered.  What about the sense of hearing?  Some soft music playing in the background can make your home feel like a winter wonderland, even if you live in San Diego.  If you have one of the many smart speakers on the market, just ask it to play holiday music.

Getting your home ready for the holidays can mean stress and worries, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make your home a warm, inviting place that will recall the holidays of your youth.