The market is increasingly becoming competitive for home sellers, and it is hard to impress potential buyers without some form of a good home remodel. When dealing with a home resale’s intricacies, it is easy to concentrate on other areas and forget about the flooring. As potential buyers make their way into every room and hallway, kitchen and bathroom, the nature of your flooring will either impress or put them off. 

There are plenty of flooring options that can increase the resale value – some more than others, but poor choices will definitely decrease it. So, before embarking on any floor remodel, it is good to know the flooring investments that buyers are looking for.

Hardwood flooring

Whether it is solid wood or planks, hardwood flooring is made from different kinds of wood ranging from the local maple and oak to exotic varieties like the peltogyne. It is quite a popular and most loved flooring material because it looks great on any home style and is easy to clean and lasts long. However, they are not ideal for bathrooms and laundry rooms because they warp, shrink and swell when exposed to moisture. They also require refinishing after some time to clear the dents and scratches. Engineered wood is a good option that is closer to hardwood.

Wood floors have lots of choices and can boost the resale value by as much as 2.5%.

  • Tile flooring

Tile is the queen of flooring when you compare it with wood. It replaces wood in tropical climates where moisture easily destroys it. It looks beautiful, especially with new trends like encaustic, arabesque and others with different geometric patterns. Tile is also durable, easy to maintain and resistant to impact, chemicals and scratching. Tiles can give you a 100% ROI if you can install it on your own; otherwise, it is around 55%. 

A closer option to tile flooring is quality vinyl planks which are made from PVC. They both stand up to moisture and heavy foot traffic hence great for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms and other wet rooms.

  • Laminate flooring

Laminate floors can mimic the look of other flooring material like wood, tile or stone but for much less. Homebuyers may love laminate flooring for its aesthetic charm but more so for its resistance to staining, indents and scratching, which makes it a popular choice for pet owners. Laminate can get slippery when wet, but it is great for high traffic areas like kitchens, playrooms and foyers.

Laminate flooring may not be the number one choice when it comes to resale value, but it is useful when working on a small budget, especially since it can easily be installed over an existing floor.

  • Stone flooring

Stone is natural, lasts and maintains its beauty for a lifetime. It comes in many varieties including granite, slate, marble, limestone and travertine, among others. While it is a more expensive choice, its popularity among homebuyers is similar to hardwood. It, therefore, has a good resale value.

Different types of floors attract different resale values but keeping the floors uniform in the same visible area is key. Choose a flooring option that is suitable for your space, budget and function.