Choosing a new floor is not an easy task since there are many considerations that need to be factored in. In the end, you managed to get that ideal floor that compliments every area of your home and the only thing remaining is to install it. Whether you are accentuating your floor with a new carpet or doing a complete floor makeover, you will need to temporarily move the furniture and other belongings to pave way for the new installation.

Dealing with furniture during floor installations should not intimidate you because you have some options to choose from depending on the size of your home, budget and the availability of storage. Here is what you need to consider: 

  1. Move your furniture to another room

Depending on the size of your flooring project, you may have to simply move your furniture to another room or move the items from room to room if you are working on multiple rooms. While moving and carrying furniture this way is a daunting task, it is cheaper and your furniture will not leave the confines of your house. For a bigger project, you may have to temporarily stay elsewhere until the flooring installation is complete. 

  1. Rent a self-storage unit

Renting a self-storage unit is becoming popular as it can really help during home remodeling and when moving to a smaller home. In this case, you will temporarily have a space to store your furniture and other items until your flooring remodel is over. While this is a great idea, public storage restrictions do exist and you cannot store anything that you wish in there. Food, animals, plants and scented/wet materials are some of the things to avoid keeping in a rented storage unit.

  1. Use your available outdoor space

Your immediate outdoor spaces like the garage and the shed are the most likely places to temporarily store your furniture while you are installing a new floor. It is a highly convenient and cheap option but you will need to ensure the safety and security of your furniture and other belongings. Water, elements, insects and theft are some of the things to worry about when using a makeshift outdoor storage unit.

  1. Use a flooring installer with furniture removal

While it is not a standard for flooring installers to move your furniture, some will include it in their quote. You may go for such an installer but be prepared for the total cost of your installation to go up. This may be worth it considering the stress involved in removing the heavy furniture for the new installation especially if you do not have the time to do it. However, even with this option, you will still need to remove your personal items stacked in the drawers, cabinets and closets.

Getting your new floor is a great accomplishment but until it is installed, the joy and satisfaction will not be complete. The furniture removal option that you choose depends on the size of your flooring project, the availability of storage, your schedule and budget.