Upgrading your home into a functional, yet beautiful place, on a budget can be a challenge. Despite the hard economic times, it is time to face the reality of the uninspiring state of your home. Whether it is the décor, wall color, furniture, kitchen or floor, you want to upgrade your home.

It is not necessary to fully redecorate or spend a lot of money in order to bring back the interior appeal of your home again. You only need to be creative and shakeup little things to transform your old space. The following are ideas to help you get started:

  • Relocate your favorite décor to your most used spaces

You certainly have some of your best decorations, furniture and artwork in spaces that are rarely in use like the quest room, basement, garage, cabinets or storage areas. Well, it is time to identify those treasures and relocate them to where you can enjoy seeing them every day. It may be tricky to identify such things so begin by looking at your home with a fresh eye. It could be a piece of artwork, furniture, baskets, plants, ceramics, rug, mementos or even throws.

  • Make unique combinations and mix ups

In order to spice things up, you will need to give your space a personalized look. In this case, the more you mix things up, the better. Use items that are trendy as well as items that are classic to give your space a timeless look. The artwork, candle holders, lamps, pillows, baskets, beads, mirrors and vases are some of the things that you can coordinate in terms of color, tones, styles, height and texture to create a space that never fails.

  • Get creative with what you have

Using what you already have, create unique combinations in different spots such that you create a completely new look in your home. Think about the moments that you cherish and create a space that will bring those moments to life. For instance, use a wall art gallery to uniquely cherish your travel memories. You can also move pieces of furniture into different areas and use them in new ways like a reading spot, conversation area, a new focal point or other intimate setting.

  • Replace some of your hardware, appliances and similar items

While you may completely choose to shop around your home, you won’t break the bank by choosing to replace a few items especially within the kitchen area, doors, windows and floor. Think of a new kitchen appliance, faucet, pulls, handles and knobs that will add aesthetics to that space. You can also switch your window treatments, bring in a new rug, change your beddings and maybe get new bold towels for your bathroom.

  • Repaint

It will not hurt to use a few hundred dollars and a spare weekend to repaint your interior space. It will definitely make a huge difference!

Refreshing your home is not only about adding, mixing and replacing but also clearing the clutter and letting go of the things that do not work with your new design. Whether you play with what you already have or buy new things, decorating your home on a budget is all about getting creative.