We are heading into a post-lockdown world and a lot has changed over a very short time. It is definitely a hard economic time but changes have to be made in order to adapt to the ‘new normal’ especially in your home.

More of our daily activities are now taking place in our homes and this call for a multifunctional space. The awareness of germs is now high hence the importance of transitionary spaces or buffer zones. Smart technology, anti-germ materials and the need for a robust outdoor space are other factors that are influencing current home trends and so is economic housing.

Many people are now looking for ways to make their homes look expensive, more elegant or functional and stylish on budget. Well, the following home trends are emerging just for that:

Connecting to the outdoors

As you spend much of your time indoors, you must be experiencing an increased craving for nature. Apart from being a creative and cheap way of incorporating green into your home, green gardens, indoor gardens and houseplants gives you something to look after and care for. This economical act contributes greatly to décor and beauty as well as bringing in mood-enhancing effects. The trend is shifting to less formality, simple landscaping and wilder plants to accommodate a greater biodiversity.

Interesting color schemes

The timeless and versatile navy blue is the theme color of 2020. Well, that is great!  It is also important to note that color-coding is a cheap way of creating any style that you need. Color has the ability to spark interest, express messages, generate emotions and create ideas. Trending color schemes include bold monochromatics, dusty teal, warm creams and pastels, deep avocado green, earth-toned colors, ocher &magenta and blue-gray among others. A larger percentage of designers now consider either black, sage green or navy blue as a neutral tone.

Outdoor-style interior flooring

Indoor and outdoor flooring materials are different in terms of durability. Apart from being economical, outdoor-style indoor flooring boosts the link between inside and out thus creating a visual harmony. Whether it is wooden tiles, ceramic tiles, carpets, traditional or other creative flooring materials, you can extend them indoors to enhance the needed elegance in your home.

Getting creative

Got a vintage window from a yard sale? Then add it to your wall. Many people are getting creative with things that are cheap and unique and turning them into great indoor design accessories. What about a quote wall, spray paints, pallet board cornice, drop cloth curtains or simply a plate rack or bookcase built-in? A trendy creative modern mix is a way that many people are creating a cozy home without breaking a bank! You can simply team a neutral minimalist dining with a colorful maximalist living room.

Home trends for every budget are numerous and with them you can make your home more luxurious, elegant, and stylish and decorated in no time. You will find budget sofas, rugs, throw pillows, vintage storage and anything else that you can combine to create expensive looking décor formulas for a trendy home.