In the early 1900s, the Art Deco movement influenced the design of homes, furniture, fashion, cars and jewelry among other things. This was a trend characterized by fine craftsmanship and costly materials that made them luxurious and exuberant.

Despite all its glory, the Art Deco evolved into the Streamline Modern then into Modernism, Scandinavian, Space Age, Minimalism and now the Bespoke. Unlike all the others, the current trends are driven by the smart technology where people easily discover unique architecture, décor, color, furniture and pattern that suit their lifestyle. This, however, does not exclude the re-emergence of individual or combination of the trends that have appeared all over the century.

If you are searching for your specific home trend, it all depends on your lifestyle. 

The minimalists

Minimalism was a home trend of the 1990s when simple became synonymous with sophistication. This trend is all about less being more and is a good choice for today’s busy lifestyles. The minimalists love clear spaces, neutral base colors, similar tones, and simple but quality and functional accessories. Soleil chairs, magma mirrors, Odette sofas, natural woods, rose gold color and concrete are some of the trending minimalistic home ideas.

The modern maximalist

Modern maximalists love to pair everything down to its bare minimum. Humorously known as Post-Modernists or POMO in the 1980s, their mantra is ‘more is more’ that is usually characterized by lush colors, more artwork and greater personalization. Cut-out shapes incorporating both geometric and abstract elements, animal kingdom, desert décor and wallpaper elsewhere other than the walls are some of the latest maximalist trends that are welcoming people into many homes.

Antique and vintage lovers

Antique and vintage lovers are mainly millennials that love small spaces and are always on the move. The current trend is having something that is not only nostalgic but small and functional as well. Industrial style lighting, quality ironstone, art, mid-century modern, farm tables, chinoiserie ceramics, signed costume jewelry and vintage barware are some of the trending designs of 2020.

The conversationists

Not all people like to watch TV after a meal but prefer to have intimate conversations, entertainment, or reading instead. This requires an eclectic, warm and relaxing space with classic and perfectly arranged furniture as conversation starters. As this cannot be accomplished in the larger sitting area, the objective is best accomplished by creating a smaller space within the larger space. This is the reason behind the comeback of the conversation pits!

The multifunctional

The reality of remote working and learning from home is dawning on many people as the transition to multifunctional household is becoming inevitable. The open interior plans are giving way to multifunctional rooms and spaces are being doubled up. Playrooms are being combined with bedrooms while kitchens with islands are accommodating both the dining table and workstation.

The demand for change and uniqueness has been the driving force behind a century of evolving home trends including the infrastructure. This has however not eliminated the role of fashion and economy plus the growing desire for wellbeing, comfort and sustainability. As people continue to stay at home, a cozy, warm and lovely home befitting individual lifestyles is all that is needed.