Floors are the foundation for the entire look of your home and need to be replaced from time to time. It is an exciting undertaking but it can also be challenging especially when balancing between style and practical needs. You need a flooring material that is not only unique in design and texture but also one that will not be out of style within a short time.

Flooring trends come and go as people acquire new tastes and new technology driven innovations emerge. Not to mention, there is an array of low maintenance, lookalike flooring for every budget. 

Here are some of the designer trends flooring that you need to consider:

  • Looks

With flooring designs, natural looks is everything and that is why wood and stone-looking floors continue to grab everyone’s attention.  Gorgeous inventions that have a natural look but are better in terms of price and waterproof properties are trending including vinyl planks and ceramic and porcelain tiles. Marble and slate-looking floors are also popular.

  • Types

When looking for trending designer floor types, look no further than waterproof and eco-friendly materials whether vinyl, engineered wood, carpet or laminate floors.  Luxury vinyl tiles or planks are not only waterproof bus also resilient, low maintenance and pocket friendly. Vinyl looks like authentic hardwood, ceramic and stone that it mimics.  Engineered wood floors are also highly competitive floor materials of 2020. They are stylish, gorgeous, eco-friendly and affordable compared to authentic hardwood that can be costly.  Waterproof laminate, carpets, and tiles are other consistent flooring design materials for 2020. 

  • Texture

Wood-looking flooring designs in laminate, vinyl and ceramic are a hit in 2020 and while the smooth texture remains classic, textured flooring mimicking classic hardwood is a trend. You will need to choose from distressed, handscrapped, wirebrushed, rustic and reclaimed floor textures among others. As for carpets, popular textures include plush, ribbed and textured.

  • Colors

Dark espresso flooring is slowly giving way to traditional white, white-washed wood, gray, blonde, honey, and checkered and high variation colors as people desire warmer tones that feature a light and airy look. Gray floors are particularly trending for both wood and stone looks as they are considered cool and contemporary. Blonde floors on the other hand go well with trending large planks that make rooms look larger and open.

  • Patterns and layouts

Wide plank flooring has been consistently trending for a few years now and it is not about to leave the stage. This applies to chevron and herringbone, mixed-width flooring, checkered patterns, hexagons and creative tile transitions. People are moving away from traditional boring straight line transitions to more creative, modern, unique and refreshed vintage patterns and layouts. 

The flooring industry is driven by trends that stick around for some time although technology is speeding the emergence of these trends with new material lookalikes that are not only cheap but easy to maintain and eco-friendly. A few combinations of the above trending qualities will give you an attractive and unique floor. The options, styles and color combinations are endless and it can be a daunting task to make a choice at a flooring store near you.