Are you looking to transform your living space with a flooring update? You’re not alone. As we’re standing on the brink of 2024, homeowners, interior designers, and architects alike are rethinking conventional flooring options to meet changing design trends, demands for sustainability, and technological advancements. The trending flooring for 2024 is set to be an exciting mix of creativity and functionality, all while keeping a firm root in timeless elegance and environmental consciousness.

From the warmth of nature-infused sustainable materials such as bamboo to the futuristic appeal of tech-infused floors, and the vintage charm of retro and farmhouse styles, 2024 is forecasted to be an exciting time for flooring trends. Expect to see bolder colors and patterns, warmer tile tones, and an appreciation for the past as retro carpets make a comeback. The world of flooring is clearly evolving, with traditional choices like hardwood still remaining popular but being reimagined to fit into contemporary design schemes.

To help you navigate these changes for your home or upcoming project, here is a quick snapshot of the major flooring trends expected in 2024:

  • Sustainable Flooring: Increasing preference for eco-friendly materials such as recycled wood, bamboo, and cork.
  • Biophilic Design: Natural stone and marble patterns, earthy tones, and floral motifs inspired by nature are expected to continue gaining traction.
  • Bold Patterns and Geometric Designs: From herringbone to oversized geometric shapes, expect to see unique expression of individuality through floor patterns in 2024.
  • Tech-Infused Flooring: Innovations like heated floors and interactive LED tiles are on the rise, offering greater functionality and energy efficiency.
  • Vintage Comeback: From retro carpet styles to the modern farmhouse flooring trend, nostalgic choices will continue to hold strong.
  • Innovative Synthetic Materials: From Luxury Vinyl Plank mimicking realistic texture of wood, to the resurgence of versatile terrazzo.

As we at California Flooring and Design prepare to embrace these trends, our primary focus remains on delivering a seamless installation process, practicing environmental consciousness and, most importantly, ensuring that our customers love the final results. Our promise is not just to provide trendy options, but to offer timeless flooring solutions that will elevate the comfort and aesthetics of your beloved home.

The Rise of Sustainable Flooring

As we step into 2024, the call to prioritize sustainable options in interior design is more important than ever. This is especially true in flooring, where homeowners are increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint. As a result, the use of eco-friendly materials in trending flooring for 2024 is expected to surge. At California Flooring and Design, we are at the forefront of this shift, offering a range of sustainable flooring materials to meet this growing demand.

The Popularity of Recycled Wood

Recycled wood has been a standout material in the sustainable flooring scene. This material is not just eco-friendly but also adds a touch of rustic elegance to your home. The unique character of each piece, with its distinctive grain and weathered look, makes recycled wood an attractive option for homeowners seeking a blend of style and sustainability.

The Advantages of Bamboo Flooring

Another sustainable flooring material gaining traction is bamboo. As one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet, bamboo is a highly renewable resource. This makes it an excellent choice for homeowners seeking to reduce their environmental impact. But its benefits don’t stop there. Bamboo flooring is also durable, easy to maintain, and offers a clean, modern look that can complement a variety of design styles.

The Benefits of Cork Flooring

Cork is another sustainable material that’s making waves in flooring trends. Not only is cork renewable and biodegradable, but it also has a range of benefits that make it a fantastic choice for flooring. Its natural elasticity provides a comfortable underfoot feel, and its insulating properties can help regulate indoor temperatures. Plus, cork’s unique cellular structure makes it naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and pests. As Summer Flooring Trends – California Flooring and Design mentions, cork is not just antimicrobial and non-allergenic, but it also naturally repels insects, reducing the need for potentially harmful pesticides.

In conclusion, the 2024 flooring trends are leaning heavily towards sustainable choices. Whether it’s recycled wood, bamboo, or cork, these materials offer a perfect blend of sustainability, durability, and aesthetic appeal. At California Flooring and Design, we are committed to providing these eco-friendly flooring options to enable our customers to create beautiful, sustainable homes.

The Return of Classic Patterns

As we move into 2024, a key trend in flooring is the return of classic patterns. Homeowners are seeking ways to add character and uniqueness to their spaces, and one of the ways they’re doing this is through their flooring choices. Let’s dive into some of the most popular classic patterns that are making a comeback.

The Timeless Appeal of Herringbone

Herringbone is a geometric pattern that has been used in flooring for centuries, and it’s making a significant comeback in 2024. Its intricate arrangement, characterized by a distinct diagonal layout of wood planks, adds a touch of sophistication and visual interest to any room. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, herringbone flooring is also practical and durable, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. As an added bonus, the pattern can make a room appear larger than it actually is, adding a sense of space and openness. At California Flooring and Design, we offer a wide range of herringbone flooring options, allowing you to choose the perfect style and color to match your home’s decor.

The Classic Elegance of Chevron

Chevron is another classic pattern that is seeing a resurgence in popularity. This pattern is characterized by a V-shaped design, which offers a dynamic and decorative finish that is more modern and contemporary compared to herringbone. Chevron flooring can serve as a captivating focal point in a room, adding a sense of energy and motion. Whether you prefer a classic white oak or a rich, dark wood species, chevron patterns can add a touch of luxury and style to your home.

The Unique Charm of Basketweave

Lastly, the basketweave pattern is another traditional style that is making a comeback. This classic design involves arranging wood tiles in a manner that resembles a woven basket, adding a unique charm and character to your space. According to our Elmwood Reclaimed Timber source, the basketweave pattern is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to infuse a sense of artistry and individuality into interior spaces.

At California Flooring and Design, we’re thrilled to embrace these classic flooring patterns. We believe that they offer our customers an opportunity to express their creativity and individuality, while also adding a touch of timeless elegance to their homes. If you’re interested in exploring these trending flooring options for 2024, we invite you to contact us for a free in-home estimate. With our wide range of flooring options and commitment to quality craftsmanship, we’re confident that we can help you find the perfect flooring solution for your home.

classic patterns - trending flooring for 2024

The Trend Towards Natural and Light Wood

The year 2024 is ushering in a shift towards natural and light wood in flooring trends. This movement is characterized by a preference for the minimalist elegance of light wood tones, highlighting the intrinsic beauty of the wood’s natural grain and texture.

The Popularity of Unstained White Oaks

One of the most popular choices in this trend is unstained white oak. This type of wood has a natural light color that brightens up any space, making rooms appear larger and more airy. The subtle grain patterns of white oak add a touch of sophistication, and when left unstained, the wood’s natural beauty shines through, embodying the essence of minimalist elegance.

As we at California Flooring and Design have observed, homeowners are increasingly drawn to the timeless appeal of white oak. Its durability and versatility make it a desirable choice for various interior design styles, from rustic to contemporary.

The Demand for Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

Another noticeable trend in 2024 is the demand for wide plank hardwood flooring. This style, often paired with light wood species like oak, maple, or birch, creates a visually appealing floor that adds a sense of grandeur and openness to any room. Wide planks showcase the wood’s grain and character in a way that narrower strips can’t, making each plank a work of art in its own right.

Wide plank hardwood flooring is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Its fewer seams make it easier to clean and maintain, a feature that homeowners greatly appreciate. Moreover, this flooring style works well with different decor styles, from Scandinavian minimalism to coastal chic, proving its versatility and wide appeal.

As we continue to navigate the trending flooring for 2024, natural and light wood flooring, particularly unstained white oak and wide plank hardwood flooring, are proving to be popular choices among homeowners. These trends reflect a desire for simplicity, elegance, and a return to nature – elements that we at California Flooring and Design are proud to incorporate in our flooring solutions.

natural and light wood - trending flooring for 2024

The Resurgence of Terrazzo Flooring

On our journey through the landscape of trending flooring for 2024, we’ve arrived at an old favorite making a confident comeback—Terrazzo. This timeless flooring option, with its origins in Italy, is regaining popularity and is set to be a top choice for homeowners looking for both versatility and elegance.

The Versatility of Terrazzo

Terrazzo flooring has always been celebrated for its adaptability. It can be custom-created using a variety of materials, including glass, marble, and quartz, resulting in a myriad of unique design possibilities. This flexibility, coupled with its renowned durability, makes Terrazzo an excellent choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

The Timeless Elegance of Terrazzo

But Terrazzo isn’t merely adaptable and hard-wearing—it’s also supremely elegant. The combination of colorful chips set in a polished cement or resin base results in a beautifully speckled surface that exudes a classic charm. It’s a floor that tells a story, a floor that stands the test of time while remaining stylish and fresh.

The resurgence of Terrazzo speaks to a broader trend in home design: the blending of the old and the new. As we move further into the 21st century, homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate classic elements into modern designs. The result is a unique aesthetic that celebrates the past while looking boldly towards the future.

At California Flooring and Design, we’re excited to help you explore the many possibilities that Terrazzo flooring offers. Whether you’re looking for a bold, colorful design or a more subdued, sophisticated look, we’re confident that we can help you find the perfect Terrazzo floor for your home.

The Emergence of Tech-Infused Flooring

As we forge ahead into 2024, technology is leaving its innovative footprint on every aspect of our lives, including our homes. One of the most exciting facets of this is the rise of tech-infused flooring. This trending flooring for 2024 is changing the way we interact with our living spaces, bringing futuristic functionality, increased energy efficiency, and unprecedented comfort.

The Comfort of Heated Floors

One of the most sought-after advancements in flooring technology is the advent of heated floors. This is not just a luxury feature anymore, but a practical solution to enhance the comfort levels of our homes. Heated floors can transform the experience of walking on hard surfaces during cooler months, providing a warm, soothing sensation underfoot.

At California Flooring and Design, we offer a range of flooring options compatible with underfloor heating systems. Whether you choose hardwood, tile, or laminate, we can help you integrate this state-of-the-art technology into your home seamlessly.

The Innovation of Interactive LED Tiles

Another groundbreaking trend in flooring is the advent of interactive LED tiles. These innovative tiles can light up underfoot, change color, or even display patterns and images. This not only adds a unique aesthetic element to your home but can also serve functional purposes like guiding a pathway in the dark or setting mood lighting for gatherings.

These tech-infused flooring options are not just about adding novelty to your home. They are about enhancing the quality of your living experience, marrying functionality with a futuristic aesthetic.

At California Flooring and Design, we are committed to staying at the forefront of these advancements. We help our clients understand and embrace these new trends, bringing their homes into the future with style and functionality. Whether you’re interested in the comforting warmth of heated floors or the dynamic play of interactive LED tiles, we’re here to guide you through these exciting new options.

The Enduring Appeal of Neutral Tones

In trending flooring for 2024, neutral tones continue to dominate. Their subtlety and versatility make them a favorite among homeowners and designers alike. Let’s explore two of the most popular neutral hues – grey and beige – and the timeless appeal of light, natural hardwood.

The Balance of Grey and Beige Tones

The popularity of grey and beige tones is not surprising. They bring a sense of calm and tranquility to any space, being easy on the eyes and effortlessly matching with a wide range of decor styles. If you’re looking for a color that exudes sophistication, grey hardwood floors are an excellent choice. They are not only stylish but also forgiving when it comes to dirt and dust, making them a practical option for busy households (source).

On the other hand, beige offers a warm and inviting appeal. It’s a color that can easily complement both traditional and contemporary design styles. At California Flooring and Design, we offer a wide range of grey and beige tones that can help you achieve the perfect balance in your home.

The Timelessness of Light, Natural Hardwood

Light, natural hardwood is another enduring trend that never goes out of style (source). These floors can create a bright, open, and airy feeling in any room. They are a perfect choice for modern farmhouse spaces, minimalistic homes, and new construction where everything feels ‘new.’

Pale pine and bleached oak are particularly popular for their contemporary and Scandinavian-inspired look. They make a room feel more open and modern than deeper tones. Best of all, they are a timeless choice that won’t feel out of style in a few years, even if flooring color trends go a bit darker.

Choosing a flooring color that caters to your unique taste and lifestyle is essential. At California Flooring and Design, we’re here to help you navigate the latest trends while keeping your home’s character and style in mind. Whether you’re looking for the sophistication of grey tones, the warmth of beige, or the timeless appeal of light, natural hardwood, we have the perfect flooring solution for you.


The world of interior design is constantly evolving, and the choice of flooring is no exception. From sustainable materials to smart floors, the trending flooring for 2024 is all about marrying function with style.

As we step into the new year, we’re seeing a return to natural elements, with biophilic designs and sustainable materials at the forefront. Recycled wood, bamboo, and cork are not only eco-friendly options but also bring a touch of nature indoors. Meanwhile, bold patterns and geometric designs like herringbone and chevron are making a comeback, giving homeowners the chance to express their personality through their floors.

Technology also plays a significant role in 2024’s flooring trends. Heated floors and interactive LED tiles are not only functional and energy-efficient but also offer a glimpse into the future of interior design. Meanwhile, terrazzo flooring is making a strong comeback, adding a touch of timeless elegance to both residential and commercial spaces.

For those who prefer the look of hardwood without the maintenance, Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) offers a cost-effective, waterproof, and easy-to-clean solution. And if you’re after a more natural look, unstained white oaks and wide plank hardwood flooring remain popular choices.

At California Flooring and Design, we’re committed to helping homeowners navigate these trends. We offer a wide range of flooring options to suit every style and budget. Plus, our team of skilled professionals ensures a seamless installation process, so you can rest easy knowing your flooring project is in capable hands.

The flooring trends of 2024 showcase a harmonious blend of sustainability, technology, and aesthetics. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of terrazzo, the eco-friendly allure of sustainable materials, or the futuristic appeal of tech-infused flooring, there’s a trend to suit every taste and lifestyle.

Flooring is not just a functional aspect of design but a statement piece that reflects the values and preferences of those who call a space home. So why not transform your home with the perfect flooring? Check out our latest flooring trends for more inspiration and start your journey with us today.

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