Winter is a season of so many things. First, it’s the season of sparkling beauty — with snow glinting everywhere, it’s hard not to be in awe. Second, it’s the season of chill and snow — the kind of cold you can feel deep within your bones. And finally, it’s the perfect season to get creative and pour your creativity into decorating your homes.
But you’re probably tempted to say, “Interior design is overwhelming! There are so many trends available, and I don’t know which trend I should use for my own house.”
Well, don’t fret — because here is a list of the best interior design trends of winter 2021 that you can choose from.

Get Cozy with Soft Accessories

As established, winter is an icy and cold season, so an easy way to match up your interior with the season is to incorporate cozy and warm textiles in your design.

You can start by adding more soft accessories, like flannel sheets, wool or cashmere throws, and cotton quilts, to your bedroom or living room. These textiles will add a feeling of warmth and comfort, and you’ll be more excited to sleep and lounge whenever you want.

You can also use other cozy textiles, like knitted accessories, faux fur, sheepskin, and bouclé. The options are endless.

All the Wood Decor

Cozy textiles aren’t the only elements that can add warmth to a place — wood finishes and accents can do the same thing as well. This is because wood elements have naturally warm colors and they’re also an insulator.

You can implement this design style by introducing wooden things in your house — both big and small. For example, place a wooden side table in your living room, hang a wood art piece on your wall, or set down a wooden basket in the middle of a table.

If you want to go all-in, you can also change your floors and panels into wooden ones, but it seems better to leave that for a bigger project in the future.

Channeling Cottagecore

If you’re not aware, cottagecore is the name of an aesthetic brought about by a romanticized interpretation of life in the countryside. It’s an aesthetic that’s on the rise nowadays — especially in the fashion scene — and it’s a perfect interior design look in winter.

The cottagecore aesthetic primarily uses the color sage green and earthy tones, so you can make your place channel the look by placing accessories that have these colors and tones all over your house.

This aesthetic even complements wood and other soft textiles, so it’s perfect for those whose houses have many wood accents and finishes.


Winter is the best opportunity to let our creativity loose and decorate our homes. The interior design trends mentioned above are only some of the most popular choices this winter. So, if you’re a budding interior decorator, choose which style you like best and get to decorating.