Out of all the aspects of your home, the flooring is one that takes up a lot of space. Because of this, getting new floors — because the old ones look tired and drab now — is a daunting task.

Not only is it going to affect the entirety of your rooms, but you also need to shell out a considerable amount of cash to buy new floors. It just seems like one big inconvenience.

Luckily, there are ways to make your floors feel new again. Even better — none of these methods will require a long, strenuous, and overly expensive process from you.

Screening and Recoating

This method is perfect for those people who still like the color of their floors, but the finish shows its age with all the scratches and worn-out look.

Screening, or buffing as how other people know it, refers to the method of shining wood floors. This method is quick and fairly affordable, and it involves two phases. The first phase is lightly wearing away the top coat of polyurethane, and then it’s followed by an application of a new coat of finish.

This method is best suited when the finish of the floor is damaged but not the wood. However, you should note that if your floor has been waxed, then screening won’t be applicable. Instead, if that’s your case, you might be better off hiring a repairman to rewax and polish your floors.

Painting Your Floors a New Color

Screening and recoating seems like a good idea, but what if your floors are so worn out that waxing, screening, or recoating won’t work anymore? If this fits your situation, the only answer is to paint them a new color.

Just like screening and recoating, painting is a relatively quick and affordable method of changing any aspect of a room, including the floors. If you’re new to painting, you can simply stick to one color. But if you’re experienced, you can try something fancy.

Just take note that to make sure that the paint will really stick to the floors, your floors might need some kind of roughing up. That way, any wax or sealant will be removed.

Come Up with a Decorating Strategy

Some floors are too thin to handle sanding, and your floors might be that. If yes, the most appropriate thing to do is decorate strategically.

Perhaps you can paint the walls a light color if the floors are too dark or vice versa. Or if you think the floors are too ugly to look at, maybe you can rely on large area rugs and other accessories to hide them.

Long story short, get clever and strategize how to beautify your floors.


As time passes by, floors can age and wear down. Luckily, you can do something to make them look new again. Try out any of the methods mentioned above, and you might be surprised by how much difference they can make.