As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage in 2021, so many people are still stuck in their homes — have been, ever since the start of the pandemic last March 2020. Thus, some people are inspired to reimagine their houses and redecorate them from top to bottom. To get you more inspired, here are several home decor trends that are rising in popularity this 2021. You can select any of these trending styles to implement in your home decorating.

Plants Galore

Ever since countries all over the world implemented lockdowns, more and more people have been getting into the hobby of taking care of plants. And why shouldn’t they? Taking care of plants is a satisfying activity, and plants also add vibrancy and color into any room. Because of this, having some plants inside your hourse is definitely a marvelous idea. They help freshen the indoor air, and they also bring the serenity of nature inside.

Live Out Your Cottagecore Fantasy

Cottagecore may have started as a fashion aesthetic inspired by a romanticized notion of country life, but it has taken the world by storm so fast that right now, it can be applied to anything, not just fashion. Cottagecore has definitely infiltrated the home decor space, which isn’t surprising. This aesthetic gives off a rustic feel — like you’re residing in the woods, living in harmony with nature — so a house with this design style looks homey and comfortable. If you like cottagecore, you can easily implement this style in your home. Wooden furniture, ginghams, fabrints with vintage prints, and a muted, pastel color palette are a few elements you can use.

Classic and Vintage

Maybe you’re the kind who enjoys browsing antique shops and collecting various things from a bygone era. If that’s the case, you can channel that hobby of yours into home decorating and transform your house into a vintage palace. Display the antique pieces you’ve discovered from shops. You might also want to repurpose some of the treasures you’ve collected into something else. Use strong colors so as to achieve a vibrant and cohesive aesthetic that has plenty of contrast.

The Whole World Inside Your House

Traveling is one of the beloved activities that have been restricted during the pandemic, so we aren’t able to visit places in other countries for vacation. Because of this, why don’t you compensate for the lack of traveling by bringing global influences into the interior design of your house? Display paintings of wild animals to make you feel like you’re traversing the African safari. Pick ocean hues for your walls to imitate the feeling of being on a cruise. Basically, choose design elements inspired by other countries and place them in your house.


Being stuck inside your house has probably made you want to redecorate your house. The styles mentioned above are some of the design trends this 2021, so take your pick and make your house into your own beautiful paradise.