Area rugs play a significant role in your home. Apart from being the works of art, they enhance warmth, comfort, and safety by making a carpet over any flooring type. They come in different styles, colors, patterns, piles, sizes, and materials. Area rugs can transform any space as soon as they are unrolled but only if they blend well and fulfill their purpose.

Given the many types of area rugs in the market, how do you ensure that you chose the best one for your space?

The type 

Area rugs are constructed in different ways, with each having a different kind of appeal and function. They can be tufted, knotted, hooked, braided, woven, or shag. They are mainly made with yarn from cotton, wool, sisal, polypropylene, or jute. The type of rug that is best for any given room depends on the foot traffic and as such, busy areas like hallways require a durable rug made from sisal, jute or blended wool. Flat-weaves are suitable for areas experiencing medium traffic like the dining rooms, while shags with plush and long piles are ideal on quieter spaces like the bedrooms.

  • Size

The right area rug size depends on the size of your space. Since they are the focal point in a room, area rugs in the living room should accommodate the furniture to sit on top. That is an area extending beyond the coffee table to the front legs of the sofas or chairs. The rug should frame the bed in the bedroom, while in the dining room, it should be large enough for the chairs to sit on it comfortably. A rug size that is either too small or big will reduce your room’s aesthetic appeal. The rule of thumb is: the bigger the room, the larger the rug and vice versa.

  • Color and pattern

Area rugs are the works of art on the floor, and the right color and pattern are the ones that set the right tone for the entire room. So, consider the colors that you not only like but also those that blend well with the existing furniture, flooring, walls, and ceiling. As for the patterns, patterned rugs pair well with solid colored furniture and walls or the other way round. It is a balancing act meant to bring out either a calming or bold effect to a particular space.

  • Maintenance

How much are you willing to spend on maintaining your rugs? This question should guide you on the type of rug to buy because some demand high maintenance than others. For instance, long-pile shag rugs may be cozy, but they need professional cleaning as compared to flat-weaves that can be simply beaten outside to remove the dirt. Some need regular vacuuming and rotating while others do not.

Another factor to consider is the shape of the rug which should not always be rectangular but compliment the shape of the room and furniture. Others include the price, design, and comfort that come with the rug. In the end, choose an area rug that brings out the features that you consider most important to you.