Cleaning your home should not result in releasing abundant harmful chemicals into your indoor air. Several top-selling cleaning products on the market already have chemicals linked to developmental harm, cancer and asthma. So, how can you ensure your home smells fresh, is clean and free of dust, bacteria and germs, but without the added baggage of harmful chemicals in the mix?

Using green and healthy cleaning products that contain more organic or natural ingredients on floors and countertops is now an essential requirement and not a fad. More and more homeowners are demanding products that are free of toxic and harmful chemicals. However, how do you know you are using a green cleaning product?

Tips for Choosing the Right Green Cleaning Products

  • Read the ingredient list before you buy a product and ensure that it does not contain chlorine or ammonia bleach
  • Ventilate rooms as you clean them
  • Choose natural cleaning products for surfaces like countertops and floors you are in contact with every day
  • Some multi-surface products are packed in high-concentration packs, which you dilute with water and make each bottle last for a couple of months
  • Use unscented cleaners or those with botanical extracts or essential oils for a clean, pleasant scent
  • If no ingredients are listed on the bottle, do not pick it up
  • Even when the label says “eco-friendly” or “natural,” it doesn’t always mean that, so do due diligence
  • Items in your pantry like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide are great for fighting stains, scrubbing and antibacterial cleaning when used in various recipes

Top Green Cleaning Products on the Market

  • Eco-Me Cleaners – These all-purpose cleaners are made from plant-based essential oils and plant-based ingredients. You can find them in scented and fragrance-free flavors, and Eco-Me All-Purpose Cleaner, Tub & Tile Cleaner and Glass Cleaner are tough enough to clear messes without leaving chemical residues behind. 
  • Method Hard Floor Cleaner – Your floor cleaner can be pleasant and powerful to use like the Method Squirt + mop, which comes with ginger yuzu and lemon ginger and is biodegradable and wax-free. You can use the cleaner without rinsing or diluting by squirting a thin layer onto your hard floor and mop. This product is suitable for effective but quick and straightforward cleaning of laminate, vinyl, wood and tile flooring. 
  • Green Works Wipes – These wipes are safe for use on most surfaces, except wood, and do not leave sticky residues behind. Green Works Compostable Cleaning Wipes are compostable so you can return them to the soil safely. The wipes are ideal for wiping down drink and food mess on your countertops and floors.
  • Honest Co. Wet Mopping Pads – Compatible with most standard pad sweepers and mops, these wipes contain a potent plant-based formula for removing debris, grime and dirt from your floors. They are made from harvested wood pulp, which quickly lifts dirt and absorbs messes and spills. 

Researching the different countertop and floor cleaning products may require some time, but it is an essential step towards a chemical-free home. The right products and a solid cleaning plan are the tickets towards disease-free and clean surfaces.