Cooking can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a messy business. Cleanup afterwards is less fun, but somehow just as messy. Whether it’s sauce boiling up from a pot or water splashing up from the sink, the moisture gets all over the wall behind, causing damage over time. That’s why you need a backsplash: a small panel behind your sink and/or stove that’s water resistant and can protect the wall from wayward splashes. It’s functional, but also decorative, and can be a great accent for your kitchen décor. Here are a few ideas for your kitchen backsplash.

  • Brick. If you want your kitchen to have a rustic feel, a brick backsplash is a great option. However, unless you’re doing extensive renovations, building a brick wall behind your stove isn’t exactly practical. Instead, you’ll probably want to go with a brick veneer: a single, thin layer of brick placed over the actual, structural wall, to provide the look—and the splash protection—without the expense of using full bricks.
  • Stone. This is a particularly good option if you have stone countertops. You can get a backsplash that matches the counters, or, if you prefer, you can get one in a different color and style, as an accent to the countertops. Choose something that will fit with your overall kitchen décor, but will give it that extra pop of color.
  • Wallpaper. Back in the day, wallpaper was prone to water damage as well. Today, however, there are wallpapers that are a lot more durable, which can stand up to backsplash and last you a long time. And the beauty of wallpaper is, it comes in all different colors and patterns, giving you tremendous freedom when it comes to choosing an accent for your kitchen décor.
  • Peel and Stick Tiles. Similar to wallpaper, only it’s meant to mimic the look of ceramic tile. These peel and stick tiles come in a variety of colors and can be arranged in just about any pattern configuration, just like regular tile. It also holds up to moisture like regular tile, and is easy to clean—at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Pegboard. Why not have a splashboard that’s multifunctional, as well as decorative? Not only will it keep your stove or sink safe from moisture, you can put hooks in it to hang a variety of kitchen utensils for easy access. Your spoons, spatulas, and even pots and pans, can hang right next to your work area and be grabbed quickly whenever you need them. You could also put up a chalkboard splashboard, for writing shopping lists, important household notes, etc.
  • Pennies. Instead of buying material to make a splashboard, you can cover the wall in pennies. They hold up to moisture and don’t corrode, and depending on their age and general wear, come in a variety of different shades as well, from dark to bright, allowing you to create different patterns. And as a DIY project, this can save you money. One hundred pennies can cover a lot more area for a dollar than many other backsplash materials. However, be warned that it’s a painstaking job: not just sticking the pennies to the wall, one by one, but also cleaning them beforehand. However, if you’re up to the challenge, this can be a bold and unique decorative statement.

When it comes to kitchen splashboards, the sky’s the limit. You have all sorts of different options, from stylish and chic to classy and elegant to quirky and fun. What kind of splashboard will you install in your kitchen to show off your creative side and accentuate your décor?