One of today’s most popular marketing buzzwords is mass customization.  Advances in manufacturing let businesses offer customers exactly what they want.  Even flooring designs are reflecting this trend.  More than ever before, today’s homes are unique, and match the personality and preferences of the homeowner.  The floor used to be nothing more than a utilitarian backdrop to the room; now, many homes feature flooring designed to capture your attention.

Here are five flooring trends that are on the horizon:

  1. Natural Hardwoods

Flooring manufacturers have come a long way, but it’s still hard to beat the natural beauty of real wood.  Lighter stains and matte finishes are highlighting the variations of grain and texture that only natural wood delivers.  More than ever before, designers are even willing to mix multiple colors and stains in a single room.

  1. Bold Patterns

Bold patterns are nothing new in the world of flooring; they have been used for hundreds of years.  However, modern designs have taken patterns to a new level.  Using a traditional pattern in an otherwise modern design offers a visually appealing mix of classic and trending looks.  In a world where social media is important to many people, looks like these photograph well and are sure to gather clicks on Instagram.

  1. The Return of Vintage Design

Flooring trends come and go, but vintage designs always seem to be popular.  By their nature, vintage designs are rare; this typically makes them expensive.  Fortunately, many manufacturers are now producing flooring that offer vintage looks with a budget-friendly price.  If you like the look of vintage flooring, but you don’t want to spend the money, you may be in luck.

  1. Painting the Floor?

Sometimes, you don’t have to replace your floor to get a new look.  You may be able to repaint or stain your existing floor for an exciting new design as unique as you.  Not every floor is right for this trend; you’ll want to talk to flooring expert to learn what tools and materials will work best for your floor.  If you want a truly unique design for your home, and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, painting or staining your floor may be for you.

  1. The Craftsman’s Touch

When a highly skilled artisan is free to use his or her expertise on any project, the results are likely to be spectacular.  Flooring is no exception to this rule.  Whether you like hardwood or carpet, artisan style designs this that give the look of personal attention to the job are becoming more and more popular.  Today, you can buy off-the-shelf floors that do a great job mimicking the look of handcrafted materials.

When it comes to design choices, one consideration is more important than anything else; what do you like?  No matter what appeals to you, inspiration is easy to find.