So you’re thinking of putting in some new flooring. It’s been a while since you’ve had to think about your floors in that capacity, if you’ve ever done it at all. What will look good in your home? What are professional decorators recommending right now? Here are a few spring flooring trends you can use for inspiration.
  • Reclaimed Wood. Another great, environmentally friendly option is taking wood from another source and reusing it as flooring. It cuts down on deforestation and requires a lot less energy and fewer fossil fuels to prepare than new lumber. You can reclaim wood from a variety of sources, such as old furniture, crates, fences, and even the floors of old buildings, such as bowling alleys and gymnasiums. Wherever you get it from, reclaimed wood gives your floor a rustic, old fashioned look that’s very popular at the moment.
  • Faux Reclaimed Wood. While there are a lot of benefits to reclaimed wood, there are some problems as well. For one thing, salvaged lumber is much more expensive than new. Additionally, with reclaimed wood, the finishing is generally applied on site, which makes it less effective at keeping out moisture than new wood, which has its finishing applied at the factory. Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid these problems: buy new flooring that’s pre-distressed to look like reclaimed wood. It provides you with that rustic, handmade look, for a lower cost, and a better overall wood quality.
  • Cut and Loop Carpeting. There are several different styles of carpet. Loop pile, as its name implies, is made using loops of carpet fiber. Cut pile shears off the tops of those loops, leaving straight fibers with the ends exposed. Cut pile is more comfortable underfoot, but it doesn’t allow for the creation of intricate patterns in the carpet, the way loops do. However, there’s a compromise: cut and loop carpeting combines both types of fiber. The cut pile is soft and comfortable underfoot, while loops are used to create all sorts of patterns and designs running through it. Popular in the 70s and 80s, it’s been making a comeback the last few years. Great for your bedroom, cut and loop carpeting can have a subtle look that complements your current aesthetic, or accent it with a bolder, more contrasting design.
These are just a few of the spring flooring trends that can perk up your home décor. Do some research on your own, or talk to a flooring expert, to see what designs, styles, and attributes will work best in your house. Trends come and go, but your flooring will be with you for years. It’s important to choose the right one for you.